Joop van de Wint (1954, Amstelveen, Netherlands) and founder of VANDEWINT LEGAL is an attorney at law and member of the dutch bar association (NOVA) since 1988. He is a specialist in (commercial) civil law.  After having spent considerable time abroad in his younger days Joop studied Public Administration (Bestuurskunde) and Dutch Law (Nederlands recht) at the University of Amsterdam where he received his MA (1983) and LLM (1988) degrees.  Joop practiced law within several partnerships and is now cooperating with several independent specialists on a case by case basis. Joop has a boutique law firm and his expertise is in litigation and legal advice in issues that small and medium sized companies (SMEs)and their (sometimes ex-pat) shareholders  often have to deal with such as labour law (lay- offs), partnership and shareholder agreements, joint-ventures, personal liability of CEO’s,  real estate lease and building contracts and debt recovery. Joop is a member of an association of specialists in this field. Joop is an expierenced, result driven no nonsence attorney with a global focus.  He believes in direct and personal contact with his clients. Therefore he will only handle cases in his field of expertise and only if the desired results can realistically be reached. Joop can also be found on Linkedin.  Apart from his daily professional activities as a lawyer Joop is active in the legal field of Justice in a Globalized Economy and a member of Avocats sans Frontières.

Average fee € 230,- per hour (ex VAT) in regular cases of litigation and advice.